HSTS with Traefik and Docker

I’ve recently started to move the stuff I host to Docker, using the Traefik reverse proxy as the SSL termination.

Traefik is a really nice piece of software, but unfortunately while the documentation is great, it’s somewhat missing in tutorials and examples.

Among other things, I host a Nextcloud instance, and among the security suggestions, it tells me to add a Strict-Transport-Security header with a value of at least 15552000.

In my case, it was not strictly necessary as edzilla.info is already using HSTS preloading, but I wanted to follow the security suggestions to the letter.

To add the header to any host reverse proxied service, you simply have to add a label such as this:


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    1. To be honest I have absolutely no experience with kubernetes, but from what I understand from traefik, it should work fine.

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