Dell DSU on Debian 12 bullseye

I recently deployed Proxmox on an older Dell T320 and I wanted to use Dell DSU to upgrade the servers’s various firmwares.

Unfortunately, Debian is not a supported OS and you really have to jump through a lot of hoops to get it working.

First, you need to download the package from Dell and run it.

This will install the package but you will still be missing some libraries.

apt install -y libgpgme11-dev libicu-dev

Once those packages are installed, if you just run “dsu”, you will get this message:

Could not download the catalog. Please check the configuration

To get it to actually use a catalog, use:

dsu --source-type=REPOSITORY

Unfortunately, with my old server it just said “no applicable updates”, so I had to download the SUU Iso and update from that:

mount SUU-LIN64_22.11.200.513.ISO /mnt
dsu --source-type=REPOSITORY --source-location=/mnt/repository

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